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University of Pardubice (UPCE)

The Department of Biological and Biochemical Sciences and Immunochemistry section, University of Pardubice, was established in 1996. The group has been involved in the frame of research activities in proteome analysis of proteins specialized in bioaffinity chromatography and immunochemistry. As main topics of research interest we have to mention the preparation of a bioaffinity matrix with oriented immobilized antibodies, enzymes, ligands for highly specific determination, isolation and purification of target proteins, glycoproteins and for enzyme modification.

The research group, composed of fully graduated scientists and PhD students, participates in integration of these enzyme reactors and immunosorbents in microfluidic devices. In the frame of several research projects the Immunochemistry group takes part together with MACRO in development of new magnetic nano- and microparticles. It is equipped with instruments for wide spectrum of analytical methods, such as liquid chromatography, affinity chromatography, light and fluorescent microscopy (with camera systems), electrophoresis, immunoblotting, imunoelectrophoresis, PCR, covalent attachment of biomolecules to supports and other immunoanalytical methods.

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