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Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (MACRO)

The Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences (MACRO), established in 1962, pursues basic, target-oriented, and applied research in chemistry and physics in polymers. MACRO has a total staff 250 people and the research is conducted at 10 scientific departments.

The group of Polymer Particles, which belongs to the Department of Bioanalogous and Special Polymers, is involved in synthesis, characterisation and functionalisation of magnetic polymer nano- and microspheres based on synthetic and natural polymers. Recently, monodisperse particles were developed with controlled size, porosity, swelling behavior and magnetic properties. Main tasks of MACRO within CaMiNEMS will be the design and characterisation of tailored functionalized nano- and microparticles for immobilization of specific immunoglobulins.

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