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FLUIGENT is a SME, spin-off of Curie Institute in Paris and CNRS. It was awarded a National Price 2005 for Innovative Technology Enterprises, from French innovation agency OSEO/ANVAR. FLUIGENT has been certified ISO 9001:2008 by AFNOR in February 2010.

FLUIGENT’s business is to develop, manufacture and commercialize innovative instruments, consumables and building blocks for micro and nanofluidics, bioanalytical applications and diagnosis. FLUIGENT owns or licenses a portfolio of issued and pending patents belonging to 7 families, and covering its core technologies in flow control, microfluidic devices, polymers and analytical methods.

FLUIGENT has the vocation to develop and commercialize devices dedicated to diagnostic based on its microfluidic technologies and analytical tools. FLUIGENT customers include academic and industrial research laboratories in physics, chemistry, biology, and clinical diagnostic centers. The company's products are sold directly worldwide from our Paris headquarters (effective sales to date in more than 10 countries, incl. 7 EU Member States, USA, Canada and Japan), and in Northern Europe, North America, China and Japan through distribution agreements. We also propose OEM products and customized development of building blocks or complete solutions based on our proprietary technologies, for the pharmaceutical and diagnosis industry.

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